AMA session with Digipharm 16.02.2021

On the 16th of February, Discovering Crypto Club held its second AMA session with Digipharm, a promising project whose owners told us about their future plans and projects. Here is the AMA recap, for those who couldn’t assist.

Host: So please, as an introduction, can you please tell us about yourself?

And I would be very grateful if you can give us a short intro about Digipharm.

Ahmed: I'm a health economist by training with a background in payment for high-cost healthcare technologies between stakeholders such as pharma companies, insurance companies, and governments. Working in this area gave me an opportunity to identify where we can make things work better for all using blockchain technology.

Payments in healthcare are moving to a value-based approach. This means paying for healthcare based on value and how well patients benefit. Making the performance/outcomes data very valuable for everybody concerned (including patients!). Digipharm provides a platform for these parties to transact on an independent private permissioned blockchain network to share performance/outcomes data from hospitals or health centers and link it to the smart contract they have set up on our system. It is important the data is immutable as these are data points that are valuable enough to require a blockchain infrastructure.

Part 2: Twitter question

Twitter question by Twitter user am11223344y
What about patients who don’t know about crypto? Or some people maybe, can we have or buy $DPH token as an insurance in case she/he would sick someday. Do you have mining feature so people can always minned dph token as long as they waiting to used it later on.

Ahmed: The patients don't really need to understand crypto. We have to give them something that they can engage with and find it easy to use. Our token is given to the patient/participant as a reward for interacting with a health institution. So it could be a generic health questionnaire on behalf of a healthcare company that all members of our governance portal can fill out and be rewarded via DPH, or it would be in the form of patients interacting with the app regularly as part of a patient reported outcomes initiative.

We need to do a better job of letting people know that as healthcare payments are becoming based on outcomes as a large majority of that is based on the patient feedback/reporting.

Host: And how can I use your platform? Also, do you plan to add more usecases to the token?

Ahmed: We currently use our patient reported outcomes platform in the projects we have, a lot of them requiring customized implementations. The next phase is to deploy the app for wider access which includes the general public and provide an economic incentive.
So phase 1 was utility for the software, now we are on phase 2 which is community governance and rewards, the phase after that is the general user rewards. Payments are also on the horizon. Healthcare professionals will be willing to accept DPH. Such as telemedicine companies that can connect you to experts globally.

In regards to the token, which is a big reason why everyone is here, we are building an ecosystem that is the equivalent of the wider patient voice. Our platform helps these companies make fair agreements. The next step is to empower people to have an economic voice in decisions that can sometimes be life altering.

Part 3: Live question

Question 1 from Telegram user @Neezo87

How valuable is my data to you as a company? And will I be rewarded with DPH tokens for sharing this data?

Ahmed: The feedback patients provide will affect how much is being paid for the health service. We feel it is important the patient is aware he has an economic incentive. Anonymous Data is exchanged for DPH.

Part 3*: Extra questions (not rewarded):

@StijnVanDenBulck: How are you going to get Healthcare worker's attention in using your ecosystem and token, also what country is going to be your primary target?

Ahmed: Best way is to show them we can solve an existing problem that they are willing to pay for. So we target healthcare organizations that need to optimize their expenditure (pretty much everyone!). Europe, Middle east and Asia atm.

@sikijackson20: Since gas fees for ERC20 transactions are increasing to an extraordinary level, you told us in the last AMA that you are considering a swap from ERC20 to Polkadot — what is the status?

Ahmed: We have one more meeting this week with another protocol. We have spoken with many. We will know by Friday.

@raulsanchez8: Does DPH has competitors? How do you plan to defeat them?

Ahmed: There are people doing bits and pieces. We are doing it as a future ecosystem, with patients/public being big participants not standing on the sidelines.

@sikijackson20 Massadoption and Token Ecosystem: What is the status regarding a Tier1 Exchange? it would be nice to know if you whether could already commit to an exchange or not

Ahmed: This will be informed by some of the decisions that will be finalized around the token. The aim is always to get it in front of as many people as possible.

@Neezo87 What current projects are being implemented in the real world by digipharm and how Will health care improve for people globally

Ahmed: We have some interesting work with government of Pakistan, we are talking to a few other national organizations in Asia/Mid east to explore similar collaborations. We are also collaborating with several pharmaceutical companies to support contracting for high cost therapies.

@raulsanchez8: How do you plan to gain mass adoption?

Ahmed: The pandemic has opened people's eyes I hope. The response is great we just need to keep building.

@raulsanhez8: What DEX or CEX will you list DPH on? Why? According to your roadmap, when is exchange listing arriving?

Ahmed: The exchange listing will be defined by some of the decisions this week we make regarding the migration.

@sikijackson20: What can we expect regarding marketing? Altseason has started and people are looking for lowcap token right now to hold mid/long term

Ahmed: We have some marketing activities planned for the coming few weeks so remember to follow us on your Twitter and join our telegram

@Neezo87: In terms of cryptocurrency do you see DPH as a currency that would be adopted and used to pay for health related products services eventually?

Ahmed: Yes, we have had some interesting conversations with healthcare organizations as well as payment solution providers around this.

@StijnVanDenBulck: Why choosing a blockchain with extreme fees, wouldn’t it be easier to use like for instance tron chain with almost 0 fees and much higher speeds and similar coding?

Ahmed: We need to move. While we all love Ethereum for what it has done in the history of crypto it's not friendly for mass adoption.

@StijnVanDenBulck: I get that this is a utility token, but are there benefits to people holding them?

Ahmed: We will be releasing a governance program where users will get rewarded for interactions and have the ability to vote/support decision making

@MoonChaser2021: As the majority of questions are based on the token and it being valuable

Why not share everything you can about $DPH

Including possible exciting news

Ahmed: We will share developments when they are substantial and completely finalized. We are not a company that raised millions in ICO and have not developed/implemented. We need to focus on projects and use cases that can bring a true economic value. We want to build a project that can be part of the new way that healthcare will work

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This is all for DPH, thanks to everyone for reading us. Discovering Crypto Club rocks :) Remember to join our community and follow us on Twitter!



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