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5 min readFeb 7, 2021

On the 7th of February, Discovering Crypto Club had its first AMA with such a promising project as Quam Network, which delighted us with future collaborations, products, and rewards. Here you have a recap of what the AMA looked like.

Host: Hello everyone and welcome to the first AMA on Discovering Crypto Club. We are pleased to host this AMA with Quam Network. Our guest is @iamJoJo01, welcome, hope you enjoy the AMA and feel comfortable with us 😄
Great! So, for the beginning, can you please tell us a brief introduction about Quam Network and what is your role on the project?

iJoJo: I’m iJoJo handling marketing & promotional activities as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for Quam Network.

Listing all my experience and adventures in the crypto industry could take a whole library lol
But I cut it short

I possess 7+ years of experience in Business Intelligence development area. Last three years I have been an aspirant of learning data science and inferring new & effective insights from data. Seeing the trends in data and market analytics eventually lead me to expand my skills in crypto industry. So let's arrive at what you all are interested to know that is my experience in crypto, I was a very active trader in both the stock market and crypto market for the last 3 years.
I was fascinated by the technology and volatility of the industry, then we started learning blockchain tech & fundamentals... So finally with a team of 8 members, We are building Quam network ecosystem.

QUAM Network is an advanced Decentralized Finance Trading & Investment solution protocol which provides various Defi-Investment methods with the best trading experience over multiple DEXs on the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform’s network design and infrastructure are Ethereum compatible and blockchain agnostic. It advocates volumes about how instant deposits and withdrawals with the lowest possible network fees by pooling multiple users’ liquidity could redefine the DeFi landscape, specifically for users.

Part 1: Twitter questions

Question 1 from Twitter user RaulSan86836214
I saw on your roadmap that for Q1 of this year, the main objective is fundraising. How will you achieve this?

iJoJo: [Respondiendo a Discovering Crypto Club ADMIN]
Lovely question there RaulSan

Well, we will apply on some launchpad... Let’s see which one select us..aside by this we are working for partnerships with major projects.

Host: What kind of partnerships? And with which projects? 👀

iJoJo: Well for now that is confidential
Won’t want to spoil the surprise now, would we?

But with all assurance, the partnership will take Quam Network and its community to Infinity and Beyond.

Question 2 from Twitter user johnnycrypto0
What ROI will Quam staking have? On what is that percentage based?

iJoJo: When this AMA was announced I had a feeling I will get this question 😀 seems my heart beats out for Johnny 😉 nice question there mate

We are promising 15% APY... But more updates about it will be given after testing is done. So do stay tuned in Quam Network group and announcement channel.

The team is working on giving the community the best percentage ROI, more updates will be coming in soon, strap your helmet on, cause it will be mind-blowing 🤯

Host: What else can you say about testing? Is it a public or a private test?

iJoJo: It will be private testing for now

Question 3 from Twitter user AmayaUmar
What would you use to attract investors? What is your unique factor?

iJoJo: [Respondiendo a Discovering Crypto Club ADMIN]
Well first thing investors ask are “who are this project partners and how profiting will it be”

With that we will attract investors through our hot strategic and tech partnership and through our key high profiting products which are;

Quam swap
Quam staking
Quam startup Aggregator
Quam Options trading platform

Host: Sorry for asking again about this…when are you going to announce your partners? I am really hyped about that ✨

iJoJo: Lol I can feel the vibes already 🔥
Soon mate soon
Stay glued to the announcement channels

Here it is
There’s an airdrop going on 🔥 for those that want to have a first taste at what Quam Network is offering

Question 4 from Twitter user RaulSan86836214
What exchanges has Quam Network thought for their listing? Why? Which ones do you think are better, CEX or DEX?

iJoJo: [Respondiendo a Discovering Crypto Club ADMIN]
Well tempting question lol but both CEX and DEX have their different Pros and Cons

The first listing will be on Uniswap and then on CEX

Host: And when is Uniswap listing happening?

iJoJo: After the fundraising. No date fixed yet

Question 5 from Twitter user Johnnycrypto0
What are the main products Quam Network will launch? (partially covered)

iJoJo: Let me re-mention them

Main products are Quam swap and Quam Options trading platform
Then others;
Quam staking
Quam startup Aggregator

Part 2: Live questions

Question 1 from Telegram user @cogiaoxinh

How important is the community to Quam Network? and What can we do as a community to help Quam Network achieve its vision?

iJoJo: Good question there Owen.

Firstly, there is no Project without the community.
Simply telling you that the community is one of the most vital ingredients in the success of any project.

The community can help us grow by engaging in Quam posts on the different channels and mention Quam Network in their different post etc.

Question 2 from Telegram user @dangjusticeq

iJoJo: Quam has put many features in place that will give the investors and participants mouth watering ROI

The option trading, swap, etc.
All this can be done with a low transaction fee 🤑

Question 3 from Telegram user @nickuii

iJoJo: Crypto Staking Is one of the best innovation brought by DeFi
It’s a source of passive income to many crypto users

So it’s the best choice to have it on Quam Network.

Question 4 from Telegram user @amacomeback0806

Do you consider any of the current project direct competitors? What makes you guys stand out from the crowd?

iJoJo: Every project must have a competitor
But presently we haven’t seen any tough one yet

The Quam Options trading has given Quam Network a big boost ahead of all its competitors.

Question 5 from Telegram user @raulsanchez8

iJoJo: Options are a type of derivative security, If you buy an options contract, it grants you the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell an underlying asset at a set price on or before a certain date. A call option gives the holder the right to buy a stock and a
put option gives the holder the right to sell a stock. Well Options trading is totally different than traditional market. It is more profitable as well as risky but If you are expert in crypto predictions it will be game changer for you.

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